On March 8th we recognise all efforts to increase equality

March 08, 2022

March 8th marks International Women’s Day. A day that recognizes women’s achievements, raises awareness against biases and takes action for more equality. Together with RGF Staffing and our parent company Recruit Group we support the goals of this movement and on March 8th we would like to underline all the effort that is being put into achieving more gender equality even more. Because in many places in the world incredible actions are being taken towards more gender equality.

Although the pandemic made it difficult to organize live events in the past two years, equality is one of our top priorities. With our operating companies putting a lot of energy into equality. Not only for women, but for everyone. Because for us, equality goes much further. We pursue equality for all. 

It's about the freedom everyone should get and feel to be themselves, regardless of gender, religion, and origin. The recent events in Europe again show how important this is. 

Throughout the organization, we are constantly working on creating safe working environments, where everyone feels welcome. Because only if we are a place for everyone, our organization can flourish, and we can ensure that our clients and candidates grow. 

At RGF Staffing we've set ourselves a goal. By 2030, we want to make sure that we are a truly diverse, inclusive organization. One that accurately reflects the societies we serve. In every way. If we are honest with ourselves, we still have work to do. Work we will do collectively, because only when everyone has equality on their priority list we can achieve our goal.

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